A Vacuum Cart with a Cyclone!

I have a EuroClean hepa vacuum that I had purchased when I was a general contractor that I used for lead paint removal. It is a high quality vacuum that will not put harmful dust back into the air and is really worth the price but it didn’t take long to fill up the container and dumping it always made a huge mess unless you purchased the bags it was designed to work with. I decided I wanted to use a cyclone separator to send the vast majority of the debris to a larger storage area that was easy to dump. After doing some research online I settled on the dust deputy cyclone. The cyclone is simple, all of the debris gets sucked into the cyclone. The heavier debris falls to the bottom of the cyclone, while only the lightest dust get sucked into the vacuum.

The second problem with any shopvac is dumping the debris. You always get surrounded by a plume of the exact dust you were trying to avoid. To solve this problem, I added a 4” port to the cabinet so I can plug it up to my large dust collector and suck the vacuum cart clean whenever needed.

The only issue I ran into with this build was how to adapt my shop vac hoses to the dust deputy as it did not fit any of the sizes I had. If you have a 1.5" hose you can use this adapter with a 2-1/2" or a 1-7/8" hose you can use this kit.