A Sheath for my Multi-tool!

2014-10-25 19.24.34.jpg

For many years I have carried a multi tool of some sort. The first nice multi tool I owned was a Gerber needle nose sliding scout. I continue to like this model if you primarily use the pliers because you can open the pliers with one hand. I made my first sheath that you will see at the beginning of this video specifically for this multi tool. It was wet formed so it would press the release buttons and open the pliers as you pulled it out of the sheath. It also had a slot for a Fisher Space Pen and a small flashlight. Although this setup worked really well, I realized that more often than not I needed the knife as opposed to the pliers. For this reason I switched to the Leatherman Wave. With the Wave you can open the knife blade with one hand without opening the pliers. I still use the same sheath with it and love it to this day. At one point I made a second sheath (see the video above). This sheath was a little deeper and allowed the storage of a larger LED Lensor flashlight as well as the Leatherman Bit Kit and the Leatheman Bit Extender. I had planned to keep it for myself, however, I actually prefer my old one as it is thinner and doesn’t get in the way as much. If I wanted to carry all of the contents, I would modify a nylon sheath as it would be a smaller footprint.