The Most amazing way to burn a stump!

DISCLAIMER #1: Some geographical areas are better suited for burning stumps than others. Not understanding this can result in disasters such as root fires, forest fires and gas line explosions.

DISCLAIMER #2: The accelerant I used in this video is Kerosene, not Gasoline. If you do this with Gasoline you will more than likely have a very bad experience. Even Kerosene can be dangerous, so if you are not comfortable with this, please do not try it at home!


Ok, now on to the process. This is the same principal as a rocket stove or Swedish torch. I basically drilled a hole through the top of the stump to act as a chimney and then drilled holes from the side to aid in airflow. This resulted in a good hot burn from the inside out that completely removed the stump. I could have used a leaf blower to accelerate the process, but I kind of liked the slow even burn. The key to this process is having a good dry stump, a drill powerful enough to drill a large diameter hole and a large diameter bit long enough to make connecting holes in your stump. I used a Milwaukee hole hawg, this is a commercial drill designed for drilling large diameter holes and will last a lifetime, if you are just wanting a cheap drill to get by with, then you could us this. As for a drill bit, this will do the job.