1968 John Deere 110 Restoration! 


So I should probably start off by saying that I am using the term “restoration” a little loosely. Don’t get me wrong, this think looked great when it was finished, but I am sure a true restoration would have included more. I never meant for this to be a show tractor. From the beginning I planned on mowing with it. Most people would have just rebuilt the engine and been done with it, but I can’t help myself. I always have to try and make things look new again.

Up until around 2002 I had never really done much mechanical work. I had done a lot of woodworking and electronic type stuff but I had never really worked on an engine. I married my wife in November of 2001 and her father is an avid mechanic with a passion for tractors both big and small. I am not sure if it started off as a desperate attempt to bond with my new father-in-law or if I actually had an interest at the time, but regardless this was definitely a turning point in my life and is largely the reason I am now a mechanical engineer and do almost all of my own mechanic work. I wish I had owned a better camera back when I did this as all I have are a few blurry pictures, none of which show a completed tractor. The best pictures I seem to have are for some reason without the front grill installed.

john deere 001.jpg