K-cup Organization!


I love my Keurig Coffe Maker. I love being able to brew a fresh cup of coffee on demand. I also love woodworking and organization so it was only a matter of time before this happened. It all began when i started looking for ways to store my K-cups. I looked online and everything I found was either a plastic drawer or a carousel. In all honesty either of these options would have been just fine, but I wanted something that looked a little nicer and was original. I’ve always liked small projects like this because it gives you a chance to try new things and this would be no exception. Two things I had been wanting to try were bent lamination and a joint I refer to as half mitered dovetails. I started this project a little differently. Typically I make a design and then go get the wood, for this project I did the exact opposite. I started off by going to my local hardwoods supplier and looked for an exotic that I had never worked with that had some character. After a few minutes of looking I found a piece of 8/4 Quina with a large stripe of sapwood and it called my name. I absolutely loved how much contrast there was from the heartwood to the sapwood. Once I had the wood, it was time to make a design that would fit the wood.