A Library for my Father! 

2010-09-24 19.59.14.jpg

In 2006 my parents purchased a house that had a bay window in the front. Because of this, the basement foundation mimicked the octagonal shape of the window creating an odd shaped wall in what my dad wanted to be his library. For as long as I can remember my dad has been and avid reader, and like a lot of avid readers he is also a bit of a hoarder when it comes to books. So when he asked me to build him a set of book shelves for this room I knew it was important to make the most of every square inch, even the odd alcove. Typically in an outside corner situation you have two cabinets, one on each wall, that meet at the corner. This typically causes a lot of wasted space and makes the area feel smaller as the two corners of the cabinet just out into the space creating a hard corner. I wanted to build a cabinet that would wrap around the corner to take full advantage of the space and to try and make the room feel larger. The problem with this is matching the geometry of the room exactly. It was a lot of effort, but it made for a very custom look and made the room!

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