Spartan Automatic Locker Install!

I wasted no time getting my 1999 XJ dirty. I purchased my jeep on a Friday around 2:00 pm. By 6:00 pm I was in the Red River Gorge in Slade, KY camping with my family with plans of Off-roading on the following day. As quick as I was to get the jeep off-road, I was equally as quick to decided I wanted lockers. I knew I wanted automatic lockers for several reasons, the first of these reasons being price. For around $250.00 each you can get a Spartan Automatic Locker that you can easily install yourself in a matter of a few hours. Selectable lockers are nice for a daily driver, but they require either air or electric to operate which adds cost and increases the number of things that can fail. I also like the fact that with Automatic Locker will work when you need them and when you don’t need them they are almost unnoticeable. I have driven vehicles with electric lockers and so many times I would forget to turn the locker on until I needed it. Then, I would have to remember to turn it back off so that I could steer!