My grandfather, who I referred to as Papaw, passed away in 2007. Not long after that, during a hard rain there was a mud slide on the hill near his main barn. Although it was still standing, the slide destroyed the barn beyond repair. While I was there trying to save what I could from the barn, my father called and asked me if I had found “the sign”. Not knowing what he was talking about he told me we would look for it when he got there the next day. When he arrived, he knew exactly where to look and found it right away. Buried beneath 50 years of debris emerged a sign that once the dust was wiped off looked new. It was obvious it had taken a lot of time and effort to just be treated like a piece of scrap wood for all these years. That is when I noticed the backwards N along with some incorrect punctuation. I don’t know the whole story but i can only speculate that the mistakes were either pointed out to him or he realized it on his own about the time he was finished. Either way, the sign was never hung. A lot of the tools I use to this day were my Papaw’s. I hung this sign in my shop and named the channel after it, backwards N and all. What he pushed away, possibly in embarrassment, I have embraced in Love and Memory.