The Ultimate Camp Kitchen!

I have always loved organization. Anytime I can build something to better organize my gear, I get real excited. So as my family grew and the amount of cooking gear I needed while camping also grew, I began looking for options for storage. I started looking online and found many options, from a simple tote to elaborate setups. I had a friend that had a Cabela’s Camp Kitchen and although I liked how it worked when it was set up, I didn’t like that you had to store your gear separate. While scouring youtube I came across a video or two of very similar chuck boxes to my own, but none of them had everything I wanted. Some of my requirements were a setup where everything was stored how it would be used. The storage system, needed to be the “camp kitchen” and I wanted a large work surface. So many chuck boxes have no other work surface other than the stove surface. I also wanted drawers. I designed this chuck box around my Coleman Stove, Sterlite drawers and paper towel holder. Everything else got fitted after the original design. If you are interested in building one yourself, CLICK HERE for plans.